KCK Nursing Pad Sew-Along

Download your Kayla's Cloth Kits cloth nursing pad pattern and cut out the circles in the pattern.  Use the pattern circles to cut your outer (waterproof) fabric and several layers of your soaker fabric (microfiber towel if you bought a kit).  Also, use the soaker fabric circle pattern to cut out an inner material that will go against your skin.
Put the following nursing pad circles together in this order:
  1. PUL (non-glossy side facing down)
  2. Soaker fabric layers
  3. Inner fabric (good side facing up). 
Hemp fleece KCK cloth nursing pad soakers (with a hemp fleece inner fabric that goes against the skin) are shown in the pictures.

Pin the entire cloth nursing pad together with 4-5 pins evenly spaced around the perimeter. Try to line up the circles well and make sure the extra PUL fabric is equally spaced around the smaller circles.

Set your sewing machine to a zig zag stitch or an overlock stitch if you have one. Sew one stitch and reinforce your start point. Sew around the perimeter of your cloth nursing pad right at the edge of the fabric to bind all of the layers together. As you sew, be sure to pull the fabric that you have just sewn gently upward with your left hand (if right handed) while at the same time pulling the fabric you are about to sew gently downward with your right hand to keep the fabric straight and evenly distributed as you sew.

When you have finished sewing around the perimeter be sure to reinforce your stop point. Continue sewing your cloth nursing pads until you have finished.  Enjoy!

Washing instructions:  Wash your KCK cloth nursing pads in the same way that you would wash cloth diapers.  Use warm to hot water with very little detergent (about 1/8 of the manufacturer's suggested amount).  An extra rinse cycle is advisable to prevent build up of detergent on your cloth pads.The Kayla's Cloth Kits cloth nursing pads can be dryed in a dryer or air dryed.