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Anna is quite smitten with the KCK One. This is the feedback that she left for the diaper, and Penny, one of our licensees on

I was a 3-year disposable diaper veteran.  Thankfully, I came across the KCK One diaper just at my wits-end. I contacted Kayla, the creator of the KCK One diaper. She was so incredibly helpful. Kayla was so patient and kind and answered ALL my questions (however ridiculous they may have been) thoroughly. She also recommended sellers of her diaper for me.

Fit - These diapers WILL fit a child btwn 8-40lbs. I have a 6 mo. old and a 2 1/2 year old. They fit each one as though they were custom made for each one.

Bulkiness - These fit beautifully! Especially on my older one - you can't even tell she's wearing a cloth diaper. My little boy still fits in all his regular clothes. Not nearly as bad as I had expected!

Leaking / Wetness - I HAVE NOT HAD ONE LEAK! Each diaper comes with a microfiber insert which has been enough for daytime use (and I have heavy wetters). At night I have used the mf insert with a hemp insert and they have lasted 12 hours. There are three linings: microfleece, microchamois and suedecloth. I prefer the suedecloth. It stays completely dry against baby's skin no matter how wet they get it.

Cleaning - Simple. Seriously. These linings do not absorb poo so it comes out very easily if you're not using rice paper liners.

If this little diaper can take a disposable diaper lover and turn them into a cloth diaper user for's a good product!"

Laura sent us this email: "I wanted to tell you how much I'm enjoying the KCK One diapers!  They really are the perfect diapers!! I have six kids and have been a mom for over 20 years now so I've been diapering for a long time and these are the best diapers I've ever found.  The KCK One diapers are cute, practical, fit well, and since they are cloth, they are affordable.  
I made them for my 13 month old and they fit him just perfect, out of curiosity, I tried them on my 3 1/2 year old and they fit great too!  I am pregnant and I can't wait to put them on my new baby and get even more use out of them.  I wish I would have found the KCK pattern first, it would have saved me from purchasing all the other ones I tried.  I am working on getting my whole diaper supply to be KCK's!"

Here's what Tracy had to say about the KCK One™ cloth diaper: "I am in love with the KCK pattern.....I have made about 10 diapers using various fabrics and it has been a long 2 year search to find a pattern that will fit all sizes, be trim, and be cute. Love love love it .....Thanks!"

Jennifer wrote to tell me about her stash: "My stash is almost 100% KCK Ones. There is an odd Rita's Rump thrown in, but 99% of what I have are KCK One. Honestly, I don't know if I would have continued to CD without your pattern. It's just so *good*. The KCK One is also gaining popularity on my Eco Family message board. More and more frequently people are writing that the KCK One is their favorite diaper overall, or their favorite nighttime diaper. Yay! "

Elaine sent this email: "Thanks so much for this pattern, Kayla. My son is who is potty training is enjoying the diapers and I'm sure our next LO will too. My son is skinny and the KCK One fits him well and my niece is really chunky and they fit her also. I can't say enough about these. You saved me from having to buy a snap press for one size diapers too!"

Veronica wrote in with an email titles "My hubby has a crush" with this funny comment and a great comparison between the KCK One™ and another popular one size fits all cloth diaper: "My husband came up to me yesterday and with a straight and serious face and proclaimed, "I love the KCK One." Then he turned and walked away. There's a testimonial if ever I heard one ;)"
"We own a few bumGenius 2.0 one size diapers that we purchased when our toddler was about 12months. We loved them and thought they were the best diaper we had tried. We liked how trim they were, the fact that they were going to fit longer, the stretchy tabs, and that they came with an insert.
Fast forward to this year when we discovered the KCK One. Here is what we found (we are comparing the 2.0 and do not own any bG!3.0's to compare):

  • Our KCK One fits our newborn better than the bG! Of course, our baby girl is a little bigger/longer than most are at her age. However, she may need a little more rise but her legs are not chunky (nor were her brother's). The bG! leaves some gaps around her thighs where the KCK One wraps around nicely.
  • The fit around the waist is better too. The snaps to configure the rise on the bG! just don't measure well with her. The smallest rise on it is a bit low but the next size is too long. The KCK One allows for a more tailored rise.
  • The KCK One is just as trim as the bG! Even more so because the crotch isn't as wide. I also think the fold-over front makes it less bulky than the snap down of the bG! It also makes the stuffing of the diaper easier.
  • The stretchy tabs on the bG! look like crap now after being washed time and again. The extra long tabs on the KCK One provides the same effect as the stretchy tabs without turning pilly.
  • I cannot stress the great fit of the KCK One for taller children who are long and lean. My 2yo is 36.5" tall, 32-lbs. Our major problem with finding clothes for him is that he needs a longer rise and length but smaller waist. You can see my son wearing the KCK One as a swim diaper and it fits him so well. We can't even fit the bG! on him anymore (and hasn't fit in it for quite some time).
  • The insert of the bG! is a bG!OS insert. It is sooooo bulky when folded down to infant size. And it is so wide that it doesn't even fit in my other infant sized pocket dipes. I generally just use it for

Naomi shared her experience about the KCK One™ cloth diaper: "Just wanted to say a thank you for this cloth diaper pattern. I have been CDing my son since birth starting with fitteds made from another commercially available pattern. I was not happy with the fit, so when he outgrew what I had made, I went looking for a different style pattern. 
I was drawn to the KCK One because of the one size feature and the velcro. Dipes in our house must be daddy friendly, and come off quickly because we EC part time. Anyway I made my son 16 dipes and we have been using KCK exclusively for over 2 months. I am so pleased with the fit, ease of use, and the quick dry time of a pocket. These will definitely be recommended to every expectant momma I know."

Dori said "The KCK One has a great fit, I am impressed. I am expecting my 4th baby in August and still have one in diapers who has moved up to a large and I dreaded cutting out 3 new sizes. I need new smalls and mediums, they have now gone through 3 kids and are just worn out. I only had a few larges for overnight because the other two had a tiny frame and well, #3 is a large girl and itsn't ready for potty learning. When I saw this pattern I got really excited at the prospect of having to cut and sew only one diaper for two kids. I was kind of doubtful, but this really works! I did my first one with just a back opening because I don't know if I'm ready to fiddle with welt pocket yet. Now on to the two dozen I need. Can we donate a diaper w/o the welt pocket? I'd love to help your cause as a thank you for the great pattern! Thanks again!"

Kate and her sister were impacted by the KCK Campaign for Families in Need: "My sister was chosen by Nikki at Baby Belle's Favorites to receive some donated diapers. It was such a blessing. She received them today and sent me a detailed email about each of the diapers, Nikki went above and beyond and created some great diapers for her. She even had cute patches on the bums, which my sister thought was just fantastic! And she sent FIVE diapers, that was unbelievable.

The program you have is amazing and really touches lives. My sister is a young mother, she had my nephew when she was 20 and she is nursing student who works at night. She has been having a hard timing paying for everything, she is on a healthcare program for her insurance and receives food stamps. I help her when my husband and I can and started her out with some of my used diapers and a few a new diapers for her. I was asking around on where I could find some inexpensive pocket diapers for my sister, so that I could buy her some more diapers so she wouldn't have to buy disposables anymore. Nikki stepped in and helped get her diaper stash to the point where she doesn't have to worry about adding diapers into her small budget. It also helped me re-locate some sister money to get her a wet pail, some laundry detergent and a couple other need diapering basics.

Thank you again for encouraging your licensees to be apart of this program. I have tears in my eyes as I write this, to see someone reach out to a loved one is so touching and wonderful."

Here is Kelly's experience with the KCK One™ cloth diaper pattern: " I bought the pattern last night, and being the pattern geek that I am, I immediately scrambled up to my sewing room to try it out. :-) I made a flannel pocket fitted. It was super easy and turned out great! The fit on my skinny toddler is superb. So trim and perfect, even with the flap folded over (only two layers of flannel). Yay!"

RunningMomma on Diaper Swappers said: "I have 5 kinds of OS dipes--Happy Heinys, Tiny Tush Elite, Wonderoos, Peas and Carrots, and KCK 1. the KCK are by far my favorite. I wish my whole stash was KCK."

Jennifer was pleased with her experience: "I have to tell you, I absolutely *LOVE* this diaper!!! It truly is the best fitting one-size cloth diaper that I have ever tried! I just bought one from Brandy's Sewing Room. I wish I had some from of sewing talent and I would absolutely sew these to sell on my site! Just wanted to let you know what a great diaper I think you have made!! :o) "

Monica got her kit and then sat down and sewed her diaper the same day.  She said "I haven't sewn much before; I just got the machine a month ago so I'm pretty inexperienced!  I thought the directions were great, and really made the whole process quick and easy."

Here's Esther's experience with our kit!  "I finally finished my diaper!  Thank you for your kit!  It was so helpful.  I was still nervous about cutting into the PUL and suedecloth, so I practiced on a t-shirt first.  Last night I did the diaper from your kit.  It went very well.  Your instructions are very easy to follow."

Ashley wrote in saying "So I found a little spare time to try out the pattern, and I love it!"  She wanted to share pictures of her creations with our customers:

Kristina Perez of Washington put a special twist on her medium KCK diaper shown below. She invented this very cute pattern modification for a suedecloth/microfleece waistband! Here's what Kristina had to say about her size Large KCK diaper: "I made your pocket diapers and I love them. Kayla, this is a GREAT pattern! They fit both my boys great. One's 3 yrs old, and 33 lbs and the other's 18 mo. and 25 lbs!" (Her 3 year old is pictured below).  

Chrissi B. from Iowa made these cute little PUL sandwich pocket diapers using our pattern. She says "I LOVE EM!"

 Maree says: "I bought the supplies to make these diapers but my aunt made them for me. She said the instructions were really easy to understand and the diapers were fun to make! These size large diapers are so trim on my son! I love them! Now, I want more so I can make some myself! Thanks, Maree"

 Melanie from Michigan sent us these pictures of her cutie in his medium KCK pocket diaper! She said "I just wanted to say thanks for the diaper kit. It has been hard tested twice and I like it so much I ordered the complete pattern last night to make a size large for my nephew. The medium is going to fit my skinny guy for a long time!"

Jamie from TX used our diaper Kit to make her first pocket diaper with a PUL outer and white suedecloth inner. It turned out great Jamie! She says: "I really loved the kit and It was super easy! I can't wait to see how it fits my little one come December."

Marianne from Georgia purchased a Colossal kit with Sage PUL and white suedecloth. Here are a couple of the diapers that she made. She even embellished one of them with an cute! She says: "I am really getting into this cloth diapering thing and it is really fun to know that there are other moms out there doing this and enjoying making them too"  

Here's Melissa of Florida's show and tell for her Complete Diaper Pattern purchase! "Hi Kayla! I wanted to let you know I've completed 4 large fitted diapers and have another 4 in production. They all fit very well and were SUPER easy to make. They are super trim and fit will under a Thirsties cover. I just love your diaper pattern and the instructions are indispensable. I have recommended this pattern on several posts and groups to people asking about patterns and such."   

Claire had this to say about her kit: "The kit is easy to sew, instructions are clear. I was sewing a size M. My son is a heavy wetter and he kept it without any leak for 4 hours, and breastfeed-baby-poo stay inside too!" She later purchased three more kits!

Chris completed this fitted diaper with a flannel outer and suedecloth inner. it is a size small. She said "The diaper turned out really nice. I think I've become addicted to making them now. Didn't realize how easy it was."

Heather A. of San Diego made the left diaper from our medium fitted kit. It has a flannel outer and purple suedecloth inner. She was enterprising and made another (right) with her own fabrics! She later ordered a large pattern as her DD was outgrowing the mediums.

Alicia was one of my very first customers! She made a nighttime fleece pocket with my kit and it got lost on an excursion with DH! She liked her lost diaper so much that just purchased my complete pattern to make a stash for her little one who's on the way! Here's what she had to say: "I got one of your diaper kits off of Ebay months ago and thought it was super easy to make and cute! Great for a beginner like myself! Now that I'm pregnant, I can't wait to make a whole stash of your dipes! Thanks again!"